Thursday, November 22nd

Happy Thanksgiving!

--At home workout below--

Enjoy your day with family and friends, can’t wait to see you guys back in the gym tomorrow!!

A BLDR30 Workout for home!

5 Rounds


40 Jumping Jacks

30 Mountain Climbers

20 Air Squats

10 Push-ups

4 minutes working, 1 minute rest, and repeat for 5 total rounds. Start each round where you left off on the round prior.

BLDRStrength (to be made up during Open Gym Friday-Sunday)

a) 3 Rounds

500/400m Row

1 time through the “BLDR Band Complex”

10 Half Kneeling Arnold Press (each)

Rest 30 seconds  

b) Tempo Strict Press (6x8, 30X1, rest 2 minutes)

c) 3 Rounds

14 Seated SA Neutral Grip DB Press (each)

14 Australian Pull-ups

d) 3 Rounds

Max HR Push-ups

Max Band Pull Aparts

50 sec Hollow Hold

Rest 90 seconds

Park Roberts