Sunday, May 5th


For time

800m Sled Drag (¾ bw)

800m Farmers Carry (mod)

400m Sled Drag

400m Farmers Carry


a) KB Front Rack Lunges (3 x 40m)

b) 3 Rounds for Quality

18/12 Cal. Bike

18 Hollow Rocks

18 Jumping Lunges

18 GHDSU (or Stick Sit-ups)


3 Rounds

30/24 Cal Row

20 Medball Cleans

20 Weighted Walking Lunges

Rest 2 minutes


a) Snatch (build to a heavy set of 2)

b) Snatch High Pulls (5x5)

c) Snatch Balance (build to a heavy set of 3)

d) 4 Rounds

40m Dual KB FR Carry

Max Hollow Hold

Rest as needed

Park Roberts