Shelby Martin, Coach

CrossFit Level 1

Attitude Nation Level 1 Weightlifting

Brute Force

While growing up, Shelby participated in everything from martial arts to dance to soccer. She was introduced to fitness by her mother, who was working out to stay in shape as a police officer.  Training helped Shelby realize her strength and overcome difficulties. She’s been hooked ever since and loves the competitive atmosphere but also the camaraderie. Shelby graduated from the University of Denver with a started her own holistic health practice, Mountain Nourished. She is currently finishing up her Masters in Nutrition Therapy at Nutrition Therapy Institute.

A Colorado native, Shelby has spent most of her life in Denver but is now making the move to Boulder, a place that truly captures her spirit and personality. During her free time, you can expect to catch Shelby hiking with her two dogs, Cooper and Tigger, practicing yoga, or wake-surfing. Shelby’s long-term goal is to open a holistic wellness facility and animal rescue.

As a coach, Shelby enjoys showing athletes that with proper training, nutrition, recovery and maintenance, they are capable of everything. Not everyone has the same goals, and the opportunity to show people how to work push their limits and conquer new challenges is rewarding.