Kelsi Roberts, Owner and Operator


Post college, Kelsi dabbled in globo-gym workouts and took classes at various gyms, but nothing really stuck. Park started teaching classes at Easton Training Center's Denver location, and convinced her to attend his 5:30 AM classes for early-morning company.  She fell in love with the community aspect - particularly the positivity and support from her fellow classmates and has been hooked ever since.  Watching Park find his passion through fitness and eventually sharing that love through Boulder Athletics has been exciting for the both of them.

Kelsi works full time at a Boulder-based corporate gifting and events company, so her work at the gym is very behind-the-scenes. While you won't see her teaching any classes at Boulder Athletics, she remains as active in the community as possible, trying to participate at least a few classes a week.  She believes there is nothing that compares to classes at Boulder Athletics - having a group of people to suffer with and help push you out of your comfort zone is very unique and special.